Having four kids is a lot, especially because three of them are three and under. Taking them all out alone is all about bravery. We've been so cooped up the past almost 7 weeks with all the sickness going around our house so i decided I'd take them to the park after school. It went great! The park was kind of busy but the girls stayed together and close to me. When it was time to leave there weren't any fits. I was carrying liv and pushing Emma in the stroller. Addi wanted to help push Emma so she grabbed on. I went to put Liv down and addi thought she'd hang on the stroller. She tipped it over dumping Emma out (she was in her cars eat strapped in, luckily) and hitting her own head on the ground. They were both bawling hysterically and liv went running. Braden had to chase after liv while I scraped the girls off the ground. Needless to say we won't be braving the park alone for a bit.