sWiMmInG fUn

me and braden went swimming just now and it was perfect! not super hot and the sun was hidden. i swam a FEW laps for excersize and braden played with torpedo toys. we had a blast!


a DaY aT tHe ZoO

my mom, my brothers, braden and i went to the zoo yesterday. my sis in law told me that every time she went to the zoo, when she was far in her pregnancy, she would go into labor by the next day. so we tried it out...it did not work for me. but all the kids had a blast so it was well worth it. we got there at about noon and since on summer week days the zoo closes at 2 it was totally dead. we walked around and looked at all the animals and then let the kids play at the water park until it closed. it was a really fun day!


so ready to be done...

i am exhasted yet i cant sleep..my feet and ankles are extremely swollen..i can barely get up and down our stairs..i have heartburn all day and night..ive had the WORST headaches..and on top of all that i have to try to entertain a 6 year old all day long!!! UGH, but im almost DONE!!! i have a doctors appt on friday and then another one on monday..at the monday appt they are going to call the hospital and if theyre not busy i will be getting induced!!!! THANK GOODNESS!!! wish me LUCK!