i bought this little doll for addison at home goods. braden decided he was going to pretend she was addison. he wrapped her in a blanket, carried her around, and even put her in the bassinet to take a nap. it was the cutest thing. he's playing army guy (thats why the winter outfit in summer, and the helmet!) and he propped her up on the couch to watch..it was really funny! he's going to be the sweetest big brother!!


last night richard put together the bassinet. it turned out so cute! i cant wait til there's a little baby to put in there! 32 weeks down and 8 to go.


my due date is fast aproaching and im getting so excited! i have 58 days to go. i can't wait to meet addison lila for the first time and see who she looks like! i wonder whose hair and eyes she'll have. braden can't wait to be a big brother either! he talks to her everyday and asks me how many more days until addison comes?! ..i'm also pretty nervous! i'm nervous about the actual birth..is my water going to break in public?..i've never breastfed before..is she going to sleep at night?..and braden starts 1st grade 9 days after my due date!!