we decided to give braden 1 hour of video gaming a day in the summer. its working well he plays his hour and then doesn't beg to play all day (i'm very surprised, he eats, breathes and dreams about lego batman lately). little miss has been the hardest baby. shes getting all of her molars at once and its been brutal to say the least. the top two are finally in but the bottom two are huge lumps under her gums. the poor babe has been miserable and the only thing that keeps her happy is going to the pool. she is already so sassy! when shes doing something shes not supposed to ill tell her no and shell look right at me, smile the biggest smile and do it again! she can stand up now with out holding onto anything but when she realizes it she sits down. she claps, tries to sing, dances, throws tantrums, gets into everything, picks her nose and says shit (i wonder where she learned the last two?!)! braden is so helpful with her. and they already have so much fun together. its so fun to watch them play. braden is also helping so much with house chores. he puts his clothes away, wipes the table, dusts, and even helps me with dishes. hes at the perfect age because he still thinks its fun. ;) b finally learned how to ride his bike! he just did NOT want to. he also learned to do a front flip on the trampoline and is very proud.