spring break part two

my moms neighbor is an airplane mechanic at sky harbor. during spring break he took us there to look around. it was really cool seeing everything on the plane. braden had a great time! p.s. first class seats are ridiculously larger than the ones in coach!



in december we will officially be OuTnUmBeReD! newest baby appel should be arriving around the 4th. :D Photobucket

spring break part one

a family bbq! during this bbq the hub was jumping on the trampoline with braden and cameron, and fell off flat on his back!! i am so sad that i missed it! he got the wind knocked out of him and everything!


you're only 6 once!

so...pLaY in the sprinklers in your undies while you still can!!! bradens days of being 6 are almost over.. next month i'll have a 7 yr old! and addison wore this cute outfit today..and by today i mean i just now bathed and dressed her..and the reason for the bathing and dressing was that she pooped on her jammies..(give us a break its our first day back from spring break!) :)) and all of our spring break activities will soon-ish be posted!


its my love day!

happy anniversary babe!!


boys will be boys!

so the other day i was changing addisons diaper and braden and i had the funniest little talk! it went like this:

me: (changing the diaper)
braden: (watching me) "what does she pee out of, her butt?!"
me: (laughing) "no she pees out of her "girl peepee" (not knowing if i should tell him the correct terminology or not???)
braden: (nonchalantly points to his "boy peepee" and shrugs his shoulders) "oh, these are better"

hahaha only a boy would think to compare them!!


thursday events

yesterday started off with me getting up at 6am to do a workout video! from now on i will be doing it later in the day because i may or may not have sat by the toilet thinking i was going to throw up from lack of food in my bod! (memo to me: clean the down stairs toilet!) after we got b off the school we got ready to head over to my moms school for her blood drawing party. thats right my mom drew my blood (scary i know!) after we picked up braden from school we made smoothies! yum! the hub gave the babe a little taste of his and she decided it was now hers.
we ate tuna pattys for din and finished off our day with some brownie makin! hope everyone elses day was great too!



bradens losin 'em and addisons findin 'em! b has lost 4 teeth and addison now has 6!!



went to church today. it was nice. except for the pouring rain..:)) then went to my moms for a bbq and monopoly. richard won. is it a coincidence that hes always the banker and always wins?.. i think not! :)