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my kiddos

a couple pics from addi's party day. i need to work on getting all 3 of them in pics together. also im pretty sure the only 1 of all of us is from the hospital when i had liv.. ps liv has 2 teeth now. 1 on top 1 on bottom. Photobucket Photobucket


oh happy day

braden started 3rd grade today!!! Photobucket Photobucket a couple things about braden: -he hates having his picture taken. like runs from the camera kind of hate. -he has 4 chores: 1.clean his room 2.feed and water the dog 3.clean the living room 4.pick up dog poo, he throws fits about all his chores and is certain that hes the only kid on earth doing chores. -he is the biggest help with the girls. im gonna miss my helper while hes off learning new things. -he likes girls already and has since pre-school. the most recent was kendall but shes not in his class this year so im sure that will change. -hes skin and bones but eats triple what i eat. -favorite food:chicken alfredo with penne noodles and veggies. -favorite snack:cheeze-its dipped in peanut butter. -favorite drink:a tie between water and dr pepper. -braden has the best imagination and is always building something. -legos are his favorite pass time. happy first day of 3rd grade braden!! i love you more than you ever say!!



today is addi's birthday. she's 2! she is the sweetest, smartest, most gorgeous little girl. i asked her old how old she is today and she responded with, "peace!!" so funny! Photobucket love her so much!