Freaking mopping.

"Nobody's come over here. Guys don't come over here. I'm FREAKING MOPPING!"



Love the guys more than anything in the world. Even when they're bad at chick-fil-a.


I only love girls.

"I only love girls. And dad. And Braden. And Cameron and Bronson. Peterpan's cute too." -addi


3 am.

3 am at my house means I'm up feeding baby while everyone else sleeps. Sometimes it makes me angry for Richard to get to sleep while I nurse Emma, but usually I'm just proud of myself for making it this long. She's almost 2 months now. Especially since her late afternoon/evening feeding is so rough. Tonight I am happy. Richards mom made these whale booties for Emma. They're pretty amazing. She also made that puppy blanket. {love how sweet liv is with Emma. I knew addi and braden would be, but the way liv is with her has been a great surprise.}



It's a rainy weekend and were loving it. We're hang out in jammas all day long. {addi and liv enjoying the rain complete with messy hair and a soggy diaper}


Apnea monitor.

We had Emma's follow up appt today with dr Thomas (the pulmonologist). He said everything looks great and she doesn't have to wear her monitor anymore! He also said he was impressed with how much we used it. He said "I can't believe you made it until the 18th!" We used it until the 23rd so the last 5 days didn't show up. Weird. We are so glad to be putting all of that behind us! We love our little Emma boo so much!



This evening started off great. I was nursing Emma on my bed listening to the other three playing happily out back. I couldn't help but smile thinking how smooth everything was going. I planned on making dinner as soon as Emma was done but she had other plans. Sometimes in the evenings she gets really fussy. She acts hungry but won't eat and just screams. She decided she was not happy and the screaming started. She finally passed out in my arms while I rocked her but I'm scared to put her down. I'm trying to balance taking care of four kids and housework and cooking but it's hard. We'll figure it out eventually but for now a messy house and fast food will work.