18 weeks.

we found out today that baby is a girl. cant wait to meet this little lady in dec.

potty training.

i started potty training addison on saturday, its now tues and shes doing great. we had a rough start. she was holding her pee all day and not caring when she pooped in her panties. i tried the naked training and its worked well for us. she hasnt had an accident in two days and she went on the potty today without me telling her to. she has a chart that she puts stickers on and gets prizes for every 5 times she goes in the potty. were still doing diapers at night but hopefully soon she'll be ready to wear panties at night. we are so proud!

the fourth.

the parade in eager was so cute. they threw candy and the kids all ran for it. then that afternoon it started raining and they cancelled the fireworks. addi keeps saying we forgot to watch them. liv took a really good nap and me, alex, maddix, and addi did a little antique shopping. (oh funny story i took braden to target last night to spend some of his money and when he was done picking he told me i could look at the antique stuff while we were there. it was really sweet.) we left the next morning. it was hard to leave that amazing weather, but nice to have the girls back in their own beds.


.summer vaca 2012

We're having the most dreamy relaxing vacation. Most of our time is spent outside in the perfect weather.

.summer vaca 2012

Olivia is being such a good baby up here in Eager, Az. She's loving it.