b is too funny!

b: smashing a new christmas toy on the ground

me: "stop it"

b: still doing it

me: "im not kidding"

b: STILL doing it

me: "go to your room!"

a little while later..in his room..

me: "are you ready to come out and be good?"

b: heavy sigh "this isnt how i planned my new years!"


new years resolutions..

  1. lose all this baby weight
  2. keep up with the laundry
  3. do more stuff outside (bike rides, hiking)
  4. get cute ready on more than just holidays! :)
  5. eat healthier

hApPy NeW yEaRs!! im going to get started on my list! wish me luck :D


teething :(

my poor little babe has been teething for the last couple of weeks. its been hard on all of us. i am stressed out of my mind because i cant put her down long enough to do anything. r gets home after a long day at work and takes a turn with our poor girl. b is being raised by his video games.
and addi is simply miserable. tylenol, motrin, and teething tablets are my life as of late.

ready for summer..

this girl is ready to hit the beach in her roxy flip flops!


a couple snow pics

these are a few of my faves from the day!



christmas this year was filled with family, food, and fun! christmas eve we started off at my moms. we ate, opened presents, and hung out all morning and afternoon, then we headed out to richards moms. this year we did a gift exchange where we each bought a present and wrapped it, and then picked numbers to see who got what. it was a lot of fun! christmas morn b got up bright and early! we opened all our gifts and left for my uncle randys "redneck christmas". we all wore flannels and had a bbq. everyone looked so cute! we also stopped by R's moms again and roberts house.. busy.. busy.. this morn we got up early and went to the snow with some fam. it. was. fReEzInG. richard may have almost sonny bono-ed it into a tree sledding down head first! hes a crazy! b had so much fun until his clothes soaked all the way through and then he decided that he hates the snow and hes never going back! snow pics will be coming soon.. someone..not to name any names..cough.richard.cough..is FREAKING out because the internet is messing with his PS3ing


merry christmas!

MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!!!!!


silly kid

braden just said to me "did you know that if you eat too much you turn into a pig?!" to which i replied "yes i did know that!"


my little DiVa

addi has become quite the little diva already. she has been sleeping through the night for a little over a month now. she wakes up occasionally but just wants her binky or to get into our bed. she decides she would like to sleep with mom and dad around 3 am. and im not kidding she will cry until the second her little head touches my pillow. so as if thats not enough diva behavior, last night after she decided she was no longer comfy in her own bed, she smacked my face until i tickled her hand! this is not a joke people i wish it was. this continued from 345 am until i dont even know when. i am exhasted to say the least! she is lucky she is so dang cute!!.. tonight b has his christmas program and i am so excited he has been practicing his songs for weeks now. so.cute.


4 months

time sure is flying with this little one! little addison lila is 4 months old. at her doc appt. she weighed 13 lbs. (25th percentile) and was 25 inches long (75th percentile). her doctor said she could tell i hold her all day because her head isnt flat in the back and she holds her head perfectly on her own. the doc also said we could start feeding addie rice cereal. shes not too sure about it yet but i try a couple times a day with her. she is nothing but smiles lately which is so much fun!.. also today was bradens first field trip! so cute. he went to the zoo (i volunteered to go but they had too many ppl). i asked him about it on the way home from school and he told me it was boring! haha i feel sorry for the parent in his group because im sure if he wasnt having fun he was complaining about it!..richard , who would like to be called taco from now on (its from a show we watch!), recently got b's quad running so hes been having a blast riding around the neighborhood.