christmas this year was filled with family, food, and fun! christmas eve we started off at my moms. we ate, opened presents, and hung out all morning and afternoon, then we headed out to richards moms. this year we did a gift exchange where we each bought a present and wrapped it, and then picked numbers to see who got what. it was a lot of fun! christmas morn b got up bright and early! we opened all our gifts and left for my uncle randys "redneck christmas". we all wore flannels and had a bbq. everyone looked so cute! we also stopped by R's moms again and roberts house.. busy.. busy.. this morn we got up early and went to the snow with some fam. it. was. fReEzInG. richard may have almost sonny bono-ed it into a tree sledding down head first! hes a crazy! b had so much fun until his clothes soaked all the way through and then he decided that he hates the snow and hes never going back! snow pics will be coming soon.. someone..not to name any names..cough.richard.cough..is FREAKING out because the internet is messing with his PS3ing