4 months

time sure is flying with this little one! little addison lila is 4 months old. at her doc appt. she weighed 13 lbs. (25th percentile) and was 25 inches long (75th percentile). her doctor said she could tell i hold her all day because her head isnt flat in the back and she holds her head perfectly on her own. the doc also said we could start feeding addie rice cereal. shes not too sure about it yet but i try a couple times a day with her. she is nothing but smiles lately which is so much fun!.. also today was bradens first field trip! so cute. he went to the zoo (i volunteered to go but they had too many ppl). i asked him about it on the way home from school and he told me it was boring! haha i feel sorry for the parent in his group because im sure if he wasnt having fun he was complaining about it!..richard , who would like to be called taco from now on (its from a show we watch!), recently got b's quad running so hes been having a blast riding around the neighborhood.