singing in the car!

busted my babe singing in the car! he will be so mad when he sees this on here!! hahaha


its sad when....

  • you wear a sweater with baby barf on it and think to yourself "its not that noticeable.."

  • the ONLY dishes you've washed lately are the baby bottles and that's only because you have to

  • you don't have the time or energy to shower let alone shave and your son informs his cousin that you're "growing out your pit hair?!"

  • you consider letting your kid stay home from school just because you're too tired to get out of bed

my cRaZy life right now!!


how are we ever gonna say no to that face?!


tiny little toes

babies feet are the cutest little things! i love to smell them and kiss them and squish them up to their little noses and say "toes to the nose". addison gets the biggest smiles when i do this so this morning i was playing with her and her feetsies when i smelled them... they were stinky like grown-up feet! it was the funniest thing they were all sweaty when i took off her little socks but i didnt expect them to smell bad!


A tRiP tO tHe ZoO

on tuesday my ma and i packed up 10 kiddies and headed to the zoo. that is a 5:1 kid to adult ratio. ridiculous i know. it ended up being a lot of fun. it was super nice out at first and when it got hot-ish the kids had lots-o-fun in the little water park. it was addisons first zoo experience and she loved just riding around in her stroller. she wouldn't look at any animals. even when i held her face right towards them she looked away! it was funny! we took a picnic lunch, snacks and tons of water so nobody got grouchy. everyone had a good time!


please pray for alex and chellis. chellis is in ICU and really needs our prayers.


fUn At ThE pArK

i am so hApPy it has finally cooled off. i took the kiddies to the park today and the weather was perfect! braden had so much fun and addison sat contently on my lap just watching her big brother run around like crazy...tomorrow im going to start biking with addison in a bike trailer and hopefully start to lose my baby weight! (:



this is the only thing me and braden have done all day..and its been so much fun!


2 mOnThS oLd

my sweet little princess is 2 months old already..oh how time flys! shes smiling all the time now. shes also "talking" to us.. its the cutest thing her voice is so soft and little sounding i love it! she had her 2 month check-up today. she is 10 lbs. 9 oz. and 22 1/4 in long shes getting so big! shes right where shes supposed to be in weight and height and the doc said shes holding her head up very well for only being 2 months! my poor baby also had to get a round of shots today. ): it was so sad to watch my little babe in so much pain and not be able to do anything for her, but the crying only lasted for a few minutes and then she was back to her happy self! after her appt. we met daddy for lunch at top shelf (MmMmMm), went shopping at target, picked up b from school, then headed home. when we got home addison had her first bath in the big girl tub. she loved it! she was so happy splashing and kicking like crazy!... (p.s. she didnt wake up at all last night it was amazing!)