rAnDoM tHiNgS 6 yEaR oLdS sAy...

  1. why does addison not have a bedtime when shes a BABY and im NOT?!

  2. can you check in my pit for any hairs?

  3. b: ow my lip! me: what happened? b: nothing im probably just growing a mustache

he is so kRaZy! ever since school started hes been even more energetic than normal! i definately have my hands full!


mY bAbY's 2 WeEkS oLd

my little baby is 2 weeks old today! she is already getting so BIG! shes changing everyday. shes awake a lot more and so alert all the time, she looks at you when you are talking to her, and shes starting to sMiLe. its so fun to look at her and play with her all day!...she definately has some issues with diaper changes though! the sEcOnD that diaper comes off shes either pooping some more or peeing EVERYWHERE!!! i dont even know how much laundry ive done over the past 2 weeks! but im having so much fun with our new little addition! LiFe Is GrEaT!!!


yesterday was bradens 1st day of school!! hes a big 1st grader now! kindergarten was only half day for him so he was nervous about being there ALL day and about eating lunch in the cafeteria. but he did GrEaT!! at lunch he sat by kids he didnt know but talked to them and had fun..and at recess he found kids he did know! and his hand writing is so much better than last year already. im so pRoUd of him!


tHe BeSt BiG bRoThEr

braden is the sweetest big brother to baby addison!! he watched her while i took a quick shower today and now he keeps asking if i need to do anything so he can watch her again. he holds her and talks to her and even sings to her!! its so cute! he wrote her a note today that said, "i luv adsen liley"!! then he told me hes loved her since she got here, which was august 1 at 3:23 am. she weighed 6 lbs 13 oz (exactly the same as braden and me!) and was 19 in long.