happy friday

thanks alex for teaching me how to do this!!! so fun!!!


i want to win..

the super cute apron karla made!!! go here ---> porterandkarla.blogspot.com (i dont know how to make a link??)


last week

last week brought us... a flooded yard. fits from my girl. a paper to be signed from bradens teacher saying he wouldn't stop talking to emma during spelling, which brought a secret smile to daddys face. our baby girl holding her own bottle. braden reading stories to his little sister. a star student of the week. dinner at el ricos. a trip to the grocery store. long work days for the hub. hours at hobby lobby. and a possible opportunity. i love my family.


the day i almost killed my little brother..

it was today. on the days that my mom has my little brothers i pick them up for school. they go to the same school as b and my moms in school right now so she cant take them.. my cars a disaster right now..ok always.. and lately halden keeps telling me i need to clean it. thanks halden i aware of this. so he mentions this to me today. AGAIN. i said to him: "i know i need to bad". then he goes: "do it today". so i say: "if i have time". he replies nonchalantly with: "what do you mean if you have time all you have to do is watch the baby?" all i have to do is watch the baby?! halden i will fight you! by the way i informed him that if he brings this to my attention again HE will be cleaning it out!...and yes i know i could have cleaned it out instead of posting this :))


my big girl

addi slept in her own room last night! she did great! she refuses to go to sleep without a pillow so we usually put her to bed in our bed and then transfer her to her (pillowless) cradle. last night i tried putting a pillow in her crib and quietly removing it when she fell asleep. it worked!! normally if i put her in her crib and then try to walk out of the room she screams (like ive said before diva!). she slept through the night, i did not..i got up to check on her in there atleast 3 times.. im so proud of my big girl! :D



lego buildin with b

me and braden were doing some intense lego building just now. it was a boat. we were both searching out pieces to be the boat walls. bradens instructions were clear: they sides have to be super tall so the sharks cant get in. simple enough, right? wrong! i located the right side lengths, but as i began to piece them together our entire ship fell apart. i was saddened. braden could tell and immediately told me that it was OK, we could re-build. i said to him "you're not mad at me?" and he responded with "mad? no, just disappointed." classic.


an after school convo with b

me: "how was school?"

b: "good, we played soccer."

me: "fun! is that what you want to play for your after school sport?" (we are going to put him in sport at YMCA)

b: "i don't know, which one pays the most?"

me: "what do you mean?" (thinking he means which one costs the most)

b: "i mean which one will give me the most money?!"

me: "hahahaha silly only grown-ups get payed to play sports, mom and dad will have to pay for you to play!"

he cracks me up everyday!!

back to school..

so b went back to school today and the babe is napping..ahh peace and quiet..this was not the case this morning. i knew it was going to be a rough morning because braden has been sleeping until 1030 the past few weeks. so i got him up 20 minutes earlier to give him some time to readjust. he was not happy to say the least. he cried when i first woke him up. i handed him his clothes. he got dressed. he cried that he was cold. i gave him his robe. he cried that his head was cold. he put his jacket on (over his robe) and pulled up the hood. as we walked down the stairs for breakfast i said "yay, your 1st day back to SCHOOL!!" to try and cheer him up. he was pissed! "mom, can you NOT say that excited!" he ate with a frown. it was hard not to laugh, but i knew that would only make things worse. i made his lunch and happily dropped his grouchy butt off at school!


bowling with j and t

we had so much fun bowling with jen and troy on new years! i was pretty much the best!..and by best i obviously mean that i was close to getting 3rd place! jen- tell troy im ready to start up the bowling league anytime! :))