the day i almost killed my little brother..

it was today. on the days that my mom has my little brothers i pick them up for school. they go to the same school as b and my moms in school right now so she cant take them.. my cars a disaster right now..ok always.. and lately halden keeps telling me i need to clean it. thanks halden i aware of this. so he mentions this to me today. AGAIN. i said to him: "i know i need to bad". then he goes: "do it today". so i say: "if i have time". he replies nonchalantly with: "what do you mean if you have time all you have to do is watch the baby?" all i have to do is watch the baby?! halden i will fight you! by the way i informed him that if he brings this to my attention again HE will be cleaning it out!...and yes i know i could have cleaned it out instead of posting this :))