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suns game

richard took braden to his first suns game! they had a blast. they went with richards friend todd and his son riley. braden and riley have so much fun playing together! the suns lost and they were in the last possible row but they loved it anyway. :))


SiX mOnThS

six and a half months actually.. i was waiting until i took her to the doctor for shots to post height and weight too but i'll add it later. this girl is growing like crazy! she has such chubby little legs and dimply little buns. when shes hungry she cries bababababa now and the rest of the time mamamamama. shes such a little smarty pants! she learned that if she throws a toy on the floor mommy will pick it up and say "uh-oh" she thinks its so funny! shes very stingy with her "kissies" and "loves" youre lucky when she gives them! her FIRST tooth came in on fEbRuArY 11 (mommys bday!). she hates shoes and rubs her feet together until they come off. she pulls her headbands down into her mouth and chews on them (until i notice). she rolls over everytime shes on the floor and if you put something by her that she wants she'll try to scoot to it (especially if it is something she cant have like the remote or a cell phone!). she loves rice cereal and oatmeal mixed with fruits or veggies and she just learned how to drink from a sippy cup. she also LoVeS apple juice! she'll watch sesame street and classical baby. every night at about 830 she gets the "sleepy sillies" and scream laughs at everthing (which keeps b up way past his bedtime!) she loves being tickled and dancing. shes almost sitting up on her own. if shes in her boppy she can balance herself. she gets so excited when we pick braden up from school. they love each other so much its so sweet! braden, the other day, said to me "i love her so much i just want to squeeze and pinch her!!" (i of course told him not to do either of those!) but it was really cute. she sleeps in her crib every night and all through the night, but we have a hard time putting her down for bed. she screams the minute we walk away from the crib! shes so bratty :)) we all love her so much!


awww thanks!!

dear addison,
thanks for my BiRtHdAy present!
LoVe mommy


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for your viewing pleasure...i bring you my cousin jen and my husband...