sMiLy GiRl

this is addisons 1st smile caught on camera! it took a lot of tries to get this, but it was so worth the time! she looks so much like her daddy. it cracks me up! we have so much fun together just mommy and addie while our boys are at work and school. i love my gorgeous girl!


HoNoR rOll

braden made the honor roll!!! we are so proud of him. it was kind of a shocker how well hes doing this year because of the whole principals office incident last year! (2nd week of kindergarten he was sent there!) his teacher told me his behavior is perfect and hes gotten all As and Bs so far! i was so nervous heading in to his parent teacher conference but was pleasently surprised. we had his fave bahama bucks afterwards.



my sweet little baby girl laughed last night for the 1st time! it was 3ish in the am and i was exhausted. i normally take her downstairs to feed her in the night so the hub can sleep. i thought about feeding her in bed because i was so tired and i didnt want to fall down the stairs...thats my biggest fear cuz i have fallen up and down my stairs many times! (never while holding the baby thank goodness)...but when i got up to turn on the bathroom light i was awake enough to head down and im so gLaD i did because i would have missed it! it was so cute and little sounding.. it made waking up in the middle of the night not so bad.


AaRoNs BiRtHdAy

my little brother aarons birthday was on sunday. hes now in double digits! we went over to my moms for din and monopoly (my fams obsessed w/monopoly!) he got super cool presents which included a CeLL pHoNe! what?! when i was 10 i did not have a cell phone.. we had a lot of fun as always!! hApPy BiRtHdAy AaR bEaR love you!!!


sLeEpOvEr WiTh MaX

richard bought asu tickets for saturday night and braden wanted to bring max. so friday night they had a sleepover..they had so much fun lego-ing, jumping on the tramp, playing in old costumes, video gaming and fort building. it was nice because if max wasnt here that would have been my friday night! :) then saturday my mom brought aaron over and richard took them to the game. braden and max were over it not long after they got there..but aaron had a blast! while they were at the game me and addison went out to eat at el ricos with my mom and halden. after we ate they went to the movies. i went home fed the baby and picked up my stroller to meet them at the mall. halden was pissed that he had to walk around the mall with us on a sat night when there were kids his age everywhere! it was funny.


mY hOuSe, ThE sAnDbOx...

this RIDICULOUS amount of sand gets emptied out of bradens shoes onto the floor EvErY day, no matter how many times we tell him to dump them outside before he comes in! we have all tile and wood flooring and i hate to sweep and mop so we live in a sandbox!!


ChRiStMaS iN sEpTeMbEr?!

my hub bought the kids an early christmas pres yesterday. A TRAMPOLINE!! so ExCiTiNg..for the kids i mean :).. it was only 100 bucks on craigslist and brand new looking! i love craigslist.. braden was stoked and immediately him and dad jumped with the sprinklers on. they had a blast..then later when the sun went down me, hub, b, and addie layed on it and looked at the stars..which would have been awesome had the dogs not been attacking us from under the tramp! they are obbsessed with trying to get near the baby..all in all it was a super saturday!

LoSt ToOtH

braden lost 1 of his front teeth this morn!! and by "lost" i mean i noticed picture day is thursday and made richard pull it out...it was super loose and hanging lower than the rest of his teeth!


FaMiLy DaY aT mOmS

we all got together for a bbq at my moms to meet cams new "manfriend" yesterday...he was a no-show. we are wondering if cam made him up. shes like that.. :) the kids swam (after the thunderstorm stopped of course!) we ate, played monopoly (my hubby won!) and watched some football (eww). it was a super fun day and im glad the whole fam was there, now that cam has 2 jobs and a "manfriend" we nev see her!!


tHiNgS i DiD tHiS wEeK...

  • DiEd My HaIr

  • PlAyEd LeGoS wItH b (i suck at lego building)

  • PaInTeD aDdIsOnS tOeNaIlS

  • MaDe A cHiCkEn PoT pIe (it was gross)

  • BoUgHt StUfF tO dO mY lIvInG rOoM aNd B's RoOm

  • GoT aDdIsOnS eArS pIeRcEd

  • GoT 6 hOuRs Of SlEeP iN a RoW!!

  • AtE aT cHiLiS wItH tHe FaM

  • ToOk ThE bAbY tO tHe DoC (she is 9 lbs now)

  • PlAyEd MoNoPoLy

  • HuNg At HoMe WiTh ThE hUb AnD kIdDiEs

it was a great week!!