tHiNgS i DiD tHiS wEeK...

  • DiEd My HaIr

  • PlAyEd LeGoS wItH b (i suck at lego building)

  • PaInTeD aDdIsOnS tOeNaIlS

  • MaDe A cHiCkEn PoT pIe (it was gross)

  • BoUgHt StUfF tO dO mY lIvInG rOoM aNd B's RoOm

  • GoT aDdIsOnS eArS pIeRcEd

  • GoT 6 hOuRs Of SlEeP iN a RoW!!

  • AtE aT cHiLiS wItH tHe FaM

  • ToOk ThE bAbY tO tHe DoC (she is 9 lbs now)

  • PlAyEd MoNoPoLy

  • HuNg At HoMe WiTh ThE hUb AnD kIdDiEs

it was a great week!!