sLeEpOvEr WiTh MaX

richard bought asu tickets for saturday night and braden wanted to bring max. so friday night they had a sleepover..they had so much fun lego-ing, jumping on the tramp, playing in old costumes, video gaming and fort building. it was nice because if max wasnt here that would have been my friday night! :) then saturday my mom brought aaron over and richard took them to the game. braden and max were over it not long after they got there..but aaron had a blast! while they were at the game me and addison went out to eat at el ricos with my mom and halden. after we ate they went to the movies. i went home fed the baby and picked up my stroller to meet them at the mall. halden was pissed that he had to walk around the mall with us on a sat night when there were kids his age everywhere! it was funny.