livvy's birth

oh my goodness was it crazy! so monday i had a doctors appt and was dilated to a 3 and 60% effaced. she stripped my membranes and told me if it was going to work it'd be within the next 48 hours. i came home and thought about packing my hospital bag... but didn't because i still had two weeks and both braden and addison were the full 40 weeks or more! richard got off pretty early so we asked my mom to babysit the kids while we went to the movies. we knew it'd be tough to go out once we had 3 kiddos! ;) i showered and didn't shave my legs...again because i had two weeks left, and why else would you shave when your huge pregnant! so we went to the movies and saw due date oddly enough. when we got home we watched the video of my hub being hypnotized (super funny) with my mom and brother. it ended at about midnight so we headed to bed. i fell asleep but woke up for the next hour with some contractions so i decided to start timing them. i got my phone and they were every 10 to 12 minutes and not intense at all. that went on for a couple hours. then at about 3 they were getting really bad and every 4 minutes so i got up to pack my bags. now a few weeks before this we moved into my moms because our house sold and we hadn't bought a new one yet. me, richard and addison were all in one room with all of our and olivias stuff shoved in one small closet! so needless to say the bag packing took some time. oh and the hard contracting every 4 minutes or less didn't help! so at 5 we woke up my mom and by 515 we were headed to the hospital. we live 45 minutes away and by now I'm contracting every 1 to 2 minutes! brutal car ride!! the whole way i kept telling myself i just have to survive this car ride then i can get my epidural AS SOON as i get there! we got there at 6 did the whole paperwork that feels like an eternity but really is like 3 minutes thing. while changing into my gown in triage i had 5 major contractions so the nurse checked me immediately. i was at an 8. i asked/begged for my epidural as i was wheeled to a labor and delivery room. in the l&d room nurses ran around doing iv's, taking blood and asking questions. i was told it was too late for an epidural. there may or may not have been some curse words said... im not a baby or anything i had braden natural but when youre prepared for it its easier.. kind of. anyways 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital olivia was here! there was lots of screaming and no doctor in the room but we made it! little livvy was born at 630 am on tuesday the 23rd. i still cant believe how crazy fast it was and how i was 20 minutes away from delivering in the car!