busy busy!

things have been super busy around here lately! i still need to post about my little guy turning 7 almost 3 weeks ago..i can't believe hes already 7 years old thats crazy! at bradens birthday party we had up a huge water slide. the kids had a blast then they all came in for cake and presents. after all that they went back out and aaron my 10 year old little brother went to jump on ,for the first time, hit wrong and broke his femur! poor guy was in the hospital for almost a week. he had surgery where the put a rod and pin to hold it straight (theyre leaving the rod in). when he got out my mom had to go back to school so i had to go over there every day to help him go to the bathroom and feed him and all that business. it was madness with a fussy baby (she only likes to nap at home) and aaron who couldnt do anything by himself (he was really thankful that i was there with him though and told me often). then the next week the hub hurt himself at work and i had to do everything for him along with taking care of addison. all this has made me super nervous for when the new babe arrives in december. it was really hard taking care of 2 people who fully depended on me. AND my mom starts nursing school in january so she wont be around to help YIKES!! (ill be taking volunteers :))...ps yes the hub did insist on playing on the water slide with the kids and he may or may not have been called "the hairy man" by a mr bronson hall ;)