schnepf farms & halloween

friday night we took the kiddies to schnepf farms. it was freezing but we had good times. b rode all the little fun rides with max, looked at the pumpkins, played in the hay, and went nuts running around like a crazy person! while b ran around with max and gramma, me and the hub went and ate and grabbed some hot chocolate (we stupidly wore flip flops and were extra cold!). as we were headed back sipping our hot choc, i felt a giant unstirred chocolate ball floating in my cup. i quickly stopped walking to look into my cup and stir this monstrosity only to realize it was a HUGE BUG!!!!! i am deathly afraid of all things small and buggish so i immediately started gagging (this sick bug touched my mouth!!!) and made the hub take my hot choc and throw it away!! i am dry heaving now even thinking about it! then the next night (halloween) we headed over to gramma julies (r's ma) to trick or treat and look at her fun decorated yard. b is not a huge fan of trick or treating so we usually only go to a few houses and then hes over it! weird kid, i know! b was batman this year and addison was a ballerina (i made her a tutu, it turned out so cute!)